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Life Insurance Donation

This donation plan allows you to invest on this earth while storing treasures in heaven. The procedure is simple, but your gift yields multiple rewards.

Lower income tax

Under proper arrangements, a receipt for tax deduction will be issued to the life insurance donor.

Support gospel outreach

Under proper arrangements, SOBEM can receive the life insurance funds to further our evangelistic ministry.

Maximize donation benefits

Taking advantage of the features of life insurance, a lower donation amount can yield a higher amount of funds for SOBEM at an appropriate time.

Donation by Will

You can designate SOBEM as the beneficiary of your asset by will. This option has the following advantages:

  1. You have full control over your assets while you’re living.
  2. Your donation plan will not affect your standard of living.

A donation receipt will be issued.

Stock Donation

The procedure for stock donation is simple, yet it offers significant tax deduction benefits. This option has the following advantages:

  1. The capital gains resulted from stock donation are tax deductible.
  2. You will receive a donation receipt, and the donation amount is equivalent to the market value of the stock when it is transferred.

Business Sponsorship (Applicable to Canada only)

We welcome Christian business owners who would like to sponsor us in the name of their company. At the end of our program, which broadcast in all major cities in Canada, the name of your company will be mentioned as an acknowledgment of your support.

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“Drops of Blessing” Donation Campaign

You can join this donation campaign for the price of your daily coffee. Every dollar counts. Together, we can reach out to Chinese-speaking people all around the world with God’s love.

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