“Drops of Blessing” Donation Campaign
One-Drop-of-Rain Pledge,you can join this campaign for the price of you daily coffee, $40 x 12 months = $480/year represent 1 drop of blessing, we hope to collect 100 drops of blessing, then we will be able to raise a total of $480,000.

Over the years, SOBEM has brought comfort, hope and renewal to those who are weathered by storm. Now, amid a turbulent pandemic, the needs of the human heart are greater, and there is a lot more work to do.


To meet the heightened challenges of our ministry, we have a budget of $1.7 million for the year 2021, and we need your support. With this donation campaign, we hope to collect 1,000 “drops of blessing” — with each “drop of blessing” representing a donation of $480, we will be able to raise a total of $480,000.


You can join this donation campaign for the price of your daily coffee. Every dollar counts. Together, we can reach out to Chinese-speaking people all around the world with God’s love. Join us to be a blessing through the “Drops of Blessing” Donation Campaign!


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