Business Sponsorship (Applicable to Canada only)

Business Sponsorship (Applicable to Canada only)

Jesus teaches us to invest wisely and be good and faithful stewards. A faithful steward, when given five talents, will earn another five through investment; when given three talents, he will earn another three. He will not dig in the ground and hide God’s gift, rather, he will invest it in God’s Kingdom.


Our Invitation

We sincerely invite companies to invest in reaching lost souls through mass media by sponsoring SOBEM TV programs, which broadcast nationwide in Canada. As an acknowledgment of your support, the name of your company will be mentioned at the end of our program.

Your love offering will directly support the following:

  1. Production costs for our weekly TV and radio programs
  2. Broadcast slots for our weekly TV and radio programs
  3. Developing new media production and broadcast
  4. Extending the reach of our programs to different parts of the world
  5. Producing testimony videos of believers from all parts of the world
  6. NICAM broadcast (Cantonese/Mandarin) in our TV programs
  7. USB flash drives and gift cards for outreach purposes
  8. Promotional advertising
  9. Our care ministry
  10. Online ministry development, online and in-person evangelistic events
  11. Salary of our full-time and part-time staff

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